Tilt Garage Doors

Reinforced by an internal steel frame and built as a single large panel Tilt Garage Doors are made to fit almost any size garage.

A Tilt Garage Door will open outwards and swing upwards. This door requires clearance when opening or closing. Tilt garage doors do not compromise on style and remain functional and practical. A Tilt Garage Door is perfect for when there is limited headroom above the door, restricted space on the sides or if you have a smaller garage. Sloped floors are no problem for a Tilt Garage Door as the door can be made to taper or angle. Greater stability is achieved in larger tilt garage doors by adding additional horizontal tracks, this also assists in minimizing protrusion of the door outside of the opening.

Tilt Garage Doors are available in a wide range of colours ensuring your garage is not only safe and secure but also a prominent and beautiful feature of your home. 

Suited for:

  • Limited headroom above door
  • Restricted space on the sides
  • Smaller garages
    Sloped floors
  • Requires clearance room

Quick info

  • Height requirements 1850-2700mm in height
  • Weight (incl. cladding) 30kg to max 175kg
  • Clearance requirements 150mm headroom, 100mm side room

10 year warranty on doors and motors. Locally made garage doors built with total confidence.

Technical Information

Size Availability and Installation Clearance Requirements for a Tilt Garage Door

A tilt garage door can be made to fit garages from 1850mm to 2700mm in height. Tilt garage doors can also be made to fit a single or double width garage opening.
The weight for a tilt garage door including cladding can range from 30kg to a maximum of 175kgs.
Clearance requirements for a tilt garage door 150 mm headroom and 100 mm side room.

Design, Materials and Colours available for Tilt Garage Doors

A tilt garage door can be made of timber or steel.
Added features, such as windows can be fitted on a tilt garage door.
Steel tilt doors are available in a powder coat finish, offering a range of colours, durability and resistance to corrosion.

Your Tilt Garage Door is Designed for Durability

  • Thicker plates strengthen the main pivot bracket and spring arm plate by increasing the solidity and stability of the fittings.
  • The latest design of the pivot bearing requires no lubrication, making it maintenance free.
  • Increased longevity of the pivot shaft is achieved by a rotating pivot shaft with a power arm.
  • The rotating shaft decreases the amount of operational friction.
  • Anti-sway arms ensure smooth operation by decreasing the lateral movement of the door.
  • Cushioning on the weatherstrip restricts water, leaves and dust from entering and negatively affecting moving parts on the fittings.
  • Springs are fitted to either side of the Tilt Garage Door. Larger Tilt Garage doors may require two springs on each side. The springs balance the weight of the door making it possible to open.
  • The springs we use are designed to increase the lifespan and durability of the fittings.

Safety and your Tilt Garage Door

For a more secure fixing, all fittings come standard with larger dome shaped spring anchor brackets.
Double springs have a newly patented clove hook design. This eliminates spring separation, improving the overall safety of the fitting.
Spring movement is restricted with enclosed spring loop ends.
Heavy duty track wheels ensure minimal noise and smooth movement inside the tracks.

Upgrading your door and opener package

The Secure Door Opener will enhance your tilt garage door. Alternatively you have the option to upgrade to the Smart Garage Door Opener.
If you are looking to replace an old tilt garage door, a Flex-A-Door® is a great new and innovative hybrid garage door. 


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