Roller Garage Doors

Roller Garage Doors are made up of a corrugated steel curtain. When opened the door moves vertically and rolls around a drum.

The door is guided by tracks and counterbalanced by springs.  Roller Garage Doors have a corrugated design to allow the door to be able to flex. Garages with wider openings require the door to have deeper corrugations. The Roller Garage Door can be manually opened with ease, due to the torsion springs taking the weight off the door. The Roller Garage door is designed to be durable, stylish and secure. The use of high quality materials ensures years of smooth operation. The roller garage door is well known for its reliability, toughness, security and easy to use design. The modern day Roller Garage Door can be fitted with a modern control system ensuring up to date technology and performance excellence yet the traditional design of the door ensures it remains dependable. 

Suited for:

  • Easy to open manually
  • Known for being reliable, tough, secure and easy to use
  • Requires deeper corrugations

Quick info

  • Height requirements Height of 1300mm-3200mm, width of 1250mm-3200mm
  • Weight (incl. cladding) N/A
  • Clearance requirements 400mm with backspace of 450mm, sideroom of 80mm

10 year warranty on doors and motors. Locally made garage doors built with total confidence.

Technical Information

Size Availability And Installation Clearance Requirements for a Roller Garage Door

The roller garage door can be made to fit a height of 1300mm to 3200mm and a width of 1250mm to 3200mm.
Headroom clearance of 400mm with a backspace clearance of 450mm is required for hassle free installation.
Should you opt for a roller garage door with an opener, 135mm side room clearance is required on each side.
Side room clearance of 80mm is required for doors that will be manually operated.

Design, Material and Colour Options for your Roller Garage Door

The Series A Roller Door is custom made in Zincalume® or pre-painted steel.

The Roller Garage Door is Designed for Durability and Functionality

  • The springs are designed to have a life span of 20 000 cycles, exceeding the AUS/NZ standard for garage doors.
  • Greaseless operation due to Nylofelt® running strips.
  • Roller-A-Guides reduce the chances of the door being scuffed during operation.
  • The rubber coated guide stops prevent metal on metal contact.
  • Plastic drum wheels reinforced with high strength steel glass
  • A combination of precision springs and drum ensures your door has consistent balance. This means your door will stop where you want it to and it will stay in position.
  • A conveniently located lifting handle to ensure effortless opening and closing.
  • The centre lift lock fitted with a double bar and internal turning handle provides easy operation.
  • Internal lock snib for convenience when inside the garage.
  • Standard with factory fitted muntin bars ensure that panel tolerances remain consistent.
  • Ball bearings on the nylon wheels along with a two-piece roll formed track provide a quieter and smoother operation.
  • Thicker gauge steel increases the longevity of the ribbed steel brackets.
  • Stress loading is reduced with the use of full sized hinges.
  • Zincalume® and pre-painted steel coatings are used to slow the rate of corrosion in New Zealand’s harsh climate.
  • A soft and pliable weather seal along the bottom of the door prevents water, leaves and dust from entering under the door.
  • A Mohair is fitted on the sides and along the top of the opening to reduce the gaps between the door jamb and the door. The Mohair creates a draft seal.
  • Features the 6 wafter lock barrel design for a highly pick resistant and sturdier locking mechanism.

Safety and your Roller Garage Door

Steel door stops are used for added safety
End covers on the locking bar prevent possible injury to fingers.
Double bar locking action with highly pick resistant lock barrel.
The diecast centre lift lock is positioned waist height offering extra security to deter possible intruders.
The bottom rail is reinforced with double guide blocks, limiting the possibility of forced entry from underneath the door.

Upgrading your door and opener package

The Roller Garage Door is designed to be manually operated however the Secure Opener integrates seamlessly with the Roller Garage Door for a fully automated solution. Alternatively, upgrading your opener to a Smart Opener will give you access to your Roller Garage Door from anywhere in the world. 


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