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Garage Door Care & Maintenance

As with your car, servicing and cleaning your garage door will increase its longevity and ensure it continues to operate safely.

Both old and new garage doors and openers require maintenance. The Dominator range of garage doors and openers are all backed by a comprehensive warranty, so it is important to follow the instructions in your owners hand book to maintain your garage door and opener. Failing to do so could render your warranty invalid. What’s more, by maintaining your garage door and opener you will be ensuring they remain reliable and safe.

Your new garage door and opener must be serviced within the first 12 months of installation and there after every 2 years. Failure to do so could void your warranty.


  • Never place your fingers between the panels of the door or near any moving parts while the door is operating either manually or automatically
  • No person should ever stand or walk in the path of the door while the door is moving
  • Never attempt to service or adjust the tension springs without the proper training

Cleaning your Garage Door

Zincalume® and coloured steel finish doors are coated with a silicone modified polyester coating. While this coating is considered to be one of the best paints available, care must be taken to further slow the rate of corrosion. 

It is recommended to wash your garage door every 14 days with clean water and a cloth or a soft bristle brush. In more corrosive environments it is recommended to clean your garage door more frequently. Attention should be paid to areas unlikely to receive a rain washing. Timber Garage Doors should be cleaned and treated as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. We recommend doing self-service checks every 3 to 6 months or with the change of seasons.

Maintaining your Garage Door

To check the operation of your garage door put the opener into manual mode before testing the garage door. Using the handle manually open and close the garage door. The effort needed to open and close the garage door should be about the same. If it is not the same, enquire about a professional service and spring tension adjustment.

  • If springs are accessible wipe over them using an oily cloth.
  • Use a silicone spray on plastic hinges.
  • Use silicone to lubricate steel hinges and axel bearings.
  • Locks do not require maintenance, however a spray lubricant may be used should the key become stiff to turn. You should not grease the locks.
  • If you have a chain opener, lubricate the opener chain using chain lube.
  • Check lifting cables for wear by running your fingers over them. If you feel any frayed areas or any signs of corrosion contact GARAGE DOOR SOLUTIONS.
  • Ensure all nuts, bolts and screws are secure.
  • For Roller Garage Doors: Use a cloth dampened with mineral turps or methylated spirits to clean the guide track internal sections. To allow the Nylofelt to glide easily, vigorously polish the internal sections of the tracks. GREASE OR OIL SHOULD NOT BE USED ON THE GUIDE TRACKS.
  • For Sectional Garage Doors DO NOT polish the internal guide tracks.
  • If you are unsure of any maintenance procedures, we are a CALL or a CLICK away.

Remember – to ensure your warranty remains valid, your new door and opener must be serviced within the first 12 months of installation and there after every 2 years.

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