Garage Door Remotes

For garage door emergencies contact us now.

A misplaced remote control or a faulty remote control can cause much frustration.

Garage Door Solutions carries stock of Dominator remote controls. Modern remote controls use a rolling code or multi frequency code hopping method. Rolling codes are nearly impossible to duplicate or bypass. New random codes are generated with each cycle of the garage door. When the door is next opened, it will use the new code that was generated when you closed the door. The multi frequency ensures that if one frequency is jamming your signal, you are still able to use your garage door. 

If you need assistance in programming your remote we are happy to help.
Programming a remote control for your dominator Select, Secure or Smart Opener is a quick and easy process. You can use your opener or you can use another pre-programmed remote control. 

Using your garage door opener to program a Dominator remote control:

  1. Ensure your opener has power
  2. Remove the plastic cover over the buttons and put it in a safe place
  3. Press the mode button until the light above the remote control icon lights up
  4. Press and hold the door down button on the opener
  5. The courtesy light on the opener will flash
  6. Keep holding the door down button
  7. Press and hold the button you wish to program on the remote control for 2 seconds
  8. Release the button on the remote control for 2 seconds
  9. The courtesy light will flash rapidly
  10. Press and hold the same button on the remote for 2 seconds
  11. The courtesy light will stop flashing
  12. Release the door down button
  13. Your remote control is now programmed 

Using a pre-programmed remote control to program a second Dominator remote control:

  1. Test the programmed remote control
  2. Press and hold the button you wish to duplicate on the programmed remote for 2 seconds
  3. Release the button
  4. Using a pen or paper clip, firmly press the centre button on the programmed remote for 2 seconds
  5. Within 10 seconds of pressing the centre button, press the button on the new remote you want to program.
  6. Hold for 2 seconds and release
  7. Wait for 10 seconds
  8. Your new remote is ready to be used 

Using your smart phone to open your Dominator Garage Door:

We live in a time where you can make a cup of coffee or turn your lights on using your smartphone, so why not operate your garage door in the same way? With the Smart Phone Control Kit you can access your garage door 24/7 from anywhere in the world. You can receive notifications whenever your garage door is in use. The Smart Phone Control Kit is available for Apple and Android devices.

The Smart Phone Control app will know you when you are close to home and send you a notification to open your garage door. Multiple Administrators can be added ensuring you maintain full control should your smartphone be lost or damaged.

Siri users won’t need to open the Smart Phone Control app on their device, a simple ‘Hey Siri! Open my Garage Door’ will give you full voice activated control.

Most older remote controls use Dual Inline Package switches (DIP switches). The DIP switches are located inside the remote control near the battery and on the garage door opener. To program a DIP switch remote control, locate the DIP switches on the opener or transmitter. Slide the cover off the remote control. Locate the DIP switches. They will be in a row of most likely 8-12 switches. Match the pattern on the remote control with the pattern on the opener.

Remote controls with DIP switches do not provide a high level of security. A radio scanner can record the signal being sent to the opener from the remote control. This makes it possible for DIP switch remote controls to be duplicated or bypassed. 

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