Flex-A-Door Garage Doors

If you are looking to replace an old tilt garage door, a Flex-A-Door® is a great new and innovative hybrid garage door.

This superior roller-sectional hybrid garage door is fitted on a curved track and is perfect where headroom is restricted. The Flex-A-Door® features Dominator’s famous Rolling Garage Door Curtain. The curtain lifts close to the ceiling giving a neat and clean look from inside and outside your garage.

The Flex-A-Door® lifts vertically allowing you to park directly in front of the door unlike with tilt doors which require clearance to swing outwards. For trouble free access to your garage we recommend the Secure or Smart Opener for the Flex-A-Door®

Suited for:

  • Limited headroom above door
  • Closes to ceiling, looking neat inside and out
  • Minimal clearance room required

Quick info

  • Height requirements Max. door height of 2790mm and an opening width of 1200mm to 3150mm
  • Weight (incl. cladding) N/A
  • Clearance requirements 180-130mm headroom, 100mm sideroom

10 year warranty on doors and motors. Locally made garage doors built with total confidence.

Technical Information

Size availability and installation clearance requirements of a Flex-A-Door®

The Flex-A-Door® is perfect for situations where there is limited headroom. For manual operation, 80mm headroom is required and 130mm headroom is required when fitting an opener.
A minimum of 100mm of side room is needed.
Headroom is measured from the lowest point of obstruction on the ceiling to the bottom of the lintel, it is the amount of space needed for the door to operate.
A Flex-A-Door® will suit garages with a maximum door height of 2790mm and an opening width of 1200mm to 3150mm.

Design, Materials and Colours for The Flex-A-Door®

The Flex-A-Door® is available in a wide range of pre-painted COLOURSTEEL® options.
The Flex-A-Door® is available in a smooth finish. Wood grain and window options are not available with the Flex-A-Door® range.
Additional design options include perforations for ventilation and a retractable head infill panel.
The Flex-A-Door® is perfect for archways and other unusual shaped entrances as it is fitted behind the opening.
The hidden extension springs allow for an uncluttered neat finish.

The Flex-A-Door® is Designed for Durability and Safety

  • The Flex-A-Door® has the extension springs placed above head height and enclosed in the horizontal tracks as opposed to being situated on the sides, keeping the springs away from little fingers.
  • There are no moving door supports or brackets ensuring arm or finger entrapment is avoided.
  • Manually operated Flex-A-Doors® are fitted with a double bar centre-lift key lock. Minimal effort is required to manually open and close the door. Where you have multiple doors installed, locks can be keyed the same, for convenience.
  • Featuring the 6 wafter lock barrel design, the locking mechanism is sturdier and pick resistant.
  • No manual locking mechanism is required when the door is fitted with a door opener. The opener is designed to ensure the door is unable to be pulled or pushed open from the outside.
  • Fitted with Nylofelt® running strips and nylon rollers with bearings, your door will have effortless sliding action.
  • Horizontal tracks fitted with plastic inserts provide quieter operation.
  • Deep cushioning on the weather seal and overlapping the entrance reduces drafts and restricts water and leaves from entering the garage and reduces the gap on slightly uneven floors.
  • The Roll-A-Door Steel Curtain is a stronger and more rigid door.
  • The springs are designed to exceed 20 000 cycles. 

12 Months Interest Free*

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